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Three Cost Reduction Strategies in Precision Engineering

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The field of precision engineering is critical in the manufacturing industry. This discipline is primarily concerned with creation of general structures, machines, electronics and fixtures with low tolerances. In simple terms, precision engineering involves the design and fabrication of commodities that require high accuracy with regard to dimensions. This manufacturing sector can help you acquire custom discrete commodities, machine parts and electrical components for your commercial operations. If you want to make an order for precise fabricated goods, it is critical to think about the financial aspects. Custom products with unique designs and tight dimensional tolerance can be expensive to produce. Here are simple strategies to help you reduce total project costs in precision engineering. Reduction by Design The design of custom products can affect the cumulative project costs. Therefore, this is an important area to target when attempting to reduce your expenses and increase the company profit margins. Ideally, you should create product designs with manufacturability in mind. This means that the blueprint should be proactively prepared with an aim to optimise the projected manufacturing functions. In simple terms, your designs should be made as simple as possible to ensure that the fabrication machines can translate them easily. In addition, the commodities should have few discrete parts to eliminate extensive assembly. These aspects will reduce the amount of energy and human labour required for your project and, consequently, the cost. Standardisation If your business wants to manufacture unique custom products for sale to clients, you should consider standardising the commodities. This process allows you to create a single design which matches the requirements of most consumers in the market. For example, if you want to manufacture printed circuit boards for building computers, you should ensure that the size and specifications of the design can match most potential housings in the market. This will reduce your cumulative costs because you can order mass production from a single design. Your suppliers might also be willing to sell the raw materials for your projects at lower prices if the size, thickness and fabrication material are the same. Ensure that you have performed proper research on your potential clientele before implementing standardisation. Lean Production Lean production involves the elimination of waste during the product manufacturing process. This will be a continuous effort to minimise errors and material scrap in the fabrication setup. This can be achieved through the use of computer controlled precise engineering equipment and proper management of recycling waste material. Additionally, lean production requires rigorous management of human resources by your fabricator and transportation...

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Types Of Weighbridges And Their Most Suitable Areas Of Use

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Weighbridges or truck scales are large sets of scales that are mounted on concrete foundations. A weighbridge from a company like Nuweigh Australia is useful in determining the weight of loaded transportation trucks. Trucks are weighed when empty and when loaded so as to determine the weight of the load carried. Different types of electronic weighbridges are designed to be suitable for use in different work environments. This article provides an overview of the various types of electronic weighbridges and their most suitable areas of use, for the benefit of truck transportation companies seeking to invest in an electronic weighbridge. The Pit-Type Weighbridge A pit-type weighbridge has its platform at ground level. This type of electronic weighbridge is most suited for use in areas where space is limited and pit construction for the weighbridge is affordable. It is for this reason that pit-type weighbridges are common in non-hilly areas. Pit-type weighbridges are advantageous in a number of ways. For one, they do not have ramps and will therefore not require a lot of space. Secondly, because these scales have their platforms at ground level, trucks to be weighed can approach the scale from whichever direction The main disadvantage associated with pit-type weighbridges is that the construction of their foundations can be quite costly. Pitless Electronic Weighbridges A pitless electronic weighbridge has its platform installed above ground level. As such, these truck scales have to be used with ramps. The pitless electronic weighbridge is most suitable for areas where undertaking excavation work for the bridge foundation is difficult, or areas where pit construction is not financially viable. The mentioned type of weighbridge is preferred for a number of reasons including the fact that it eliminates the need for costly pit construction. They are also advantageous in the sense that their platforms can’t get water-logged during the rainy season thanks to their elevation. On the down side, the use of ramps with pitless weighbridges means that trucks can only access their platforms from only two directions where the ramps have been placed. In addition to this, the construction of pitless weighbridges requires a lot of space. Mobile Electronic Weighbridges A mobile weighbridge is a smooth and hard surface where load cell plates are rested. Mobile electronic weighbridges do not need a foundation and can be moved from one place to another with relative ease. Mobile truck scales are popular for their quick installation. Unlike conventional truck scales whose installation can take several months, mobile weighbridges are installed in a number of hours. Mobile electronic weighbridges are the most versatile in terms of suitability of use in different areas. These truck scales can be used almost...

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3 Artistic and Functional Home and Garden Scrap Metal Projects

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One of the ways you find a large amount of scrap metal is by cleaning up an old property you recently purchased or by clearing out a property you inherited. Though you will likely be able to sell most of the scrap metal you will find, there may be some that the buyer is not interested in. This leaves you wanting to know what to do with the extra. Before you dump it in a landfill, consider the following artistic and functional home and garden projects using scrap metal. Bird Baths and Feeders You may not think of the birds when you think of your extra and unsellable scrap metal. The truth is there are several projects you can reuse scrap metal for as a way to create baths and feeders. For example, using a simple metal trash bin lid and a metal tire rim, you can create a bird bath or fountain. Simply clean both items and place the metal tire rim as your base by laying it flat on its outward facing side. Place the cleaned metal trash bin lid on the rim with the top facing down and the open area of the lid up. Fill with water and let the birds have some fun. Sheet Metal Urban Planters If you have been considering building raised garden beds or garden beds incorporated into retaining walls, then you may be pleased to find you can use scrap sheet metal in the project. Sheet metal can be used as the side walls of urban planters. The metal is used in the front, back, and on the sides while lumber is used to construct the frame. You can fill the urban planter with soil and plants of your choice for a unique and artistically functional landscape addition. These planters are ideal if your soil is too hard or lacks the nutrients for growing vegetables like carrots, potatoes, or even flowers throughout the year. Melting and Reforming Scrap Metal There are ways you can melt down scrap metal items that are lightweight. For instance, fire melting is one option. For this particular type of project you will need moulds that are made to endure melted metal and form that metal into other items. These items can be something as simple as metal roses that can be resold, or you can form the melted metal into virtually any type of container or artistic project for your home. This is ideal if other projects or methods don’t suit your needs. If you think an artistic or functional home and garden project from your current scrap metal stash is something you want to try, consider visiting a home and garden store for ideas and for inspiration. You can also visit scrap metal social media sites for images that may give you landscape and home ideas to start...

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The Advantages of Induction Bending Over Any Other Process

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Induction or heat bending is a commonly used process for bending metal pipes and other shapes and is often used in production and repair facilities. If you have such a facility and need to invest in the right equipment for bending metal, you need to carefully consider your options, including cold bends and roll form bending versus induction or heat bending. Each type of process may have its own advantages, but there are reasons why induction bending remains so popular. Note a few of its advantages here. 1. Smaller equipment Roll form bending involves passing pipes or sheets of metal through a long piece of equipment that will bend it at certain intervals. Each stand or set of bends is done in increments, and this means large and bulky equipment that might work for longer pipes and metal pieces, but which can also mean large equipment that is not needed for precise work. With induction bending, heat is applied to the area to be bent itself and smaller rollers or other forms may be used, but the metal itself doesn’t need to be passed through these rollers. This can mean great space savings for your facility even when working with long pipes and pieces.  2. Energy efficiency Because induction bending is very precise, it is also very energy efficient. With cold or roll form bending, large amounts of energy are needed to press and roll the metal to a desired shape and much of that energy is used to pass the metal through the roll forms repeatedly until it is pliable and shaped. With induction or heat bending, energy is applied only to the area to be bent and, in turn, the bending process is much more efficient. 3. Less warping and thinning Any type of cold bending will result in thinning of the metal as it is pressed and squeezed or pulled into shape. This can make it less tolerant of heat and weaker overall. With induction or heat bending, the metal is simply heated until it becomes pliable and then shaped. It is not thinned or pulled in order to be bent. This can keep it stronger and also ensure less warping of the material itself. Bends may be cleaner and more precise with induction bending. Since there are no welded joints with induction bending, edges will be cleaner and metal pieces will not need finishing such as sanding once the bend is completed. Considering these things, it is easy to see how induction bending can be beneficial, so click here for more info about induction bending and how it can work for...

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Four Things to Do With Old Trophies That Are Collecting Dust

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If you are a parent of busy kids or an adult who had an award-filled childhood, you likely have lots of old trophies lying around. Instead of letting them collect dust, consider turning them into something new. Take a look at these ideas: Decorative Wine Stoppers If you have trophies with athletes, cheerleaders or other human figures on them, remove those figures and turn them into wine stoppers. Most of the figures have a flat bottom with room to accommodate a screw, and in many cases, they have a metal lip around their base. Buy rubber wine corks and use super glue to connect the corks to the base of the figurines. Now, you have decorative wine stoppers, perfect for keeping air out of wine bottles. Coat Rack Another fun project that involves the figurines from the top of a trophy is to make a coat rack. Find several trophy toppers and a long piece of wood. Stain or paint the wood the colour of your choice. Then, drill holes in the wood where you want the figurines to go. Use a bolt, a washer and a nut to hold the figurines to the board. Finish by adding holes to the wood so you can hang it with screws on your wall. The figurines act as the hooks on your coat rack. Tiered Dessert Platters You can turn a number of trophies into fun dessert platters. To start, take apart several trophies. Also, have some pie tins or scalloped edge platters on hand. Combine various trophy pedestals and your platters to create the number of levels you want. The trophy parts have screws and washers that make them easy to put together. So that your platters or pie tins can be slotted in, drill holes in the middle of them. Add your figurine on the very top. To add variety, spray paint the pedestals and other elements of your tiered platter to make it a fun pink or shiny silver colour. Accolades Frame If you aren’t ready to give up your trophies, you may not want to recycle them into something new. Instead, consider making an accolades frame. Basically, you mount old ribbons and medals on a piece of matting. Then, you remove the plaques from your old trophies and add them as well. Finally, you frame everything. This project creates a way to honour your achievements without taking up as much room as a collection of trophies. If you like these ideas and you don’t have any trophies, consider ordering trophies online from online stores, like Full Colour Badges & Trophies, and then repurposing...

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How to Keep Your Pallet Wrapping Machines Operating in Peak Condition

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Just like other mechanized or automated wrapping systems, pallet wrapping machines help to alleviate the hassle of performing packaging tasks in production applications such as large factories. Here’re some things you should know to help keep your pallet wrapping machines running for long, and thus reduce downtime: Operate a planned service program Providing regular service is essential if you want to keep your pallet wrapping machines in top notch working condition. When you procure these machines from original manufacturers, make sure you obtain a service contract that requires them to provide scheduled maintenance and is supported with a normal warranty. Otherwise, you should make arrangements to have the machines either serviced by an in-house team of technicians or look for an independent mechanical contractor to do the job. However, you must note that there are specific benefits and disadvantages associated with each maintenance or service option. For instance, the original manufacturer of your pallet wrapping machines will be best-placed to provide manufacturer-recommended service although they may charge a premium for their services. Likewise, an in-house team of technicians will provide readily available expertise at all times even though they may struggle to obtain much needed spare parts in good time. Therefore, you should carefully weigh your options when it comes to providing regular service to your pallet wrapping machines. Have trustworthy technicians at your disposal when repairs are needed Unfortunately, breakdowns are inevitable, regardless of how efficient your pallet wrapping machines are. Even with routine service, these machines will eventually break down at some point due to normal or emergency conditions, which may be caused by the failure of a single component, a few components or a complete shutdown of the entire system. When this happens, you should have someone reliable on standby to do the necessary repairs. The most effective way to do so is to test the capabilities of your preferred repairers before you encounter a serious problem with your pallet machines. For example, you should gauge the efficiency of your in-house technicians to detect and correct minor frictional wear that has the potential to result in costly breakdowns. Be in a position to acquire replacement parts as and when required It’s nearly impossible to do repair work on your pallet wrapping machines without having the right spare parts because you’ll need to use them in many cases. When your machines abruptly stop working, it is most likely that one, two or multiple components are faulty or worn out and will need to be replaced. Car repairs are a good case example; if you own a car, you’ve probably become accustomed to the practice of buying new or reclaimed spare components every time you make a visit to the auto repair shop. Pallet wrapping machines are no different; you should be able to keep stock of the necessary replacement parts or at least acquire them easily immediately they’re needed. Contact a company such as W.A. Bag Closing Equipment to learn...

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Why Steel Gates Are Better Than The Rest

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Once you have finished constructing buildings in your farm, you may need to install the right gates for security and durability. Steel gates are the best option as they are internationally known for their strength and durability. Most people who own farms use steel gates for these reasons. Knowing the benefits of steel gates can assist with your decision making process: Security Security is an obvious consideration as this will be the main reason you choose a gate that is strong and durable. Steel is a difficult to penetrate and unbreakable material. Their stability is one of the reasons why they do not break under stress from burglars and harsh weather conditions. Steel farm gates are ideal especially if you have a lot of animals and other farm items to protect on your farm. Cost effectiveness Even though steel products are costly when you initially purchase them, they are cheaper in the long run. This is because they do not require repair and maintenance you would normally do on gates made from plastic or wood. Once you install a steel gate, all you will need is lubrication and cleaning of the same. For gates made from other types of materials, you will need regular repair and maintenance resulting from wear and tear of the same.  Aesthetics It is common knowledge that steel is not particularly attractive. However, there are hundreds of designs from which you can choose from. One of the designs is likely to suit your stylistic tastes. The options include unpainted and painted gates; modern and rustic gates; plain and fancy gates. It will be up to you to make a decision on the style that will suit you best. Just because the gate is made out of steel does not mean it has to be ugly. As a farmer, you may own several cattle crushes. These stalls are important as they protect your animals. Since most crushes are built sturdily, it would only be prudent to install a steel gate on your crush. The gate will prevent the animals from leaving the crush even when they are anxious or they are startled. Gates made from other materials like wood are easy to break. When you are looking for a gate for your farm or property, you should consider one made from steel. You can easily find an online dealer that offers various options for you to choose from. Your decision should be based more on the benefits than aesthetics and cost. Contact a company like Super Steel Australia Pty Ltd with any questions or concerns you...

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Waterjet Cutting FAQ

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As the owner of a factory or manufacturing facility that utilises cut material in your daily production, the speed at which your material is cut and ready for processing can make the difference between success and failure. That’s why you may want to consider the benefits of using waterjet cutting for your business, and to help you out, here are the answers to some common questions about this process: What is Waterjet Cutting? — Unlike mechanical cutting, a waterjet cutter uses a pressurised jet of water that flows through a pump and is mixed with abrasives to form a powerful cutting tool. A waterjet cutting machine also features a hopper for the abrasive, an articulated cutting head, a computerised controller, an abrasive waterjet nozzle and a catcher tank. Most waterjet cutting machines also feature a motion control system that predicts how the water stream will cut, and adjusts the shape of the cut so that the cut is straight and doesn’t bend. What Materials Can a Waterjet Machine Cut? — Waterjet cutters can cut through pretty much the same material as laser cutters, plasma cutters and mechanical cutters. This includes, plastic, steel, aluminum, titanium, fibreglass, glass, wood, copper, brass, stone, concrete, ceramic and rubber. What Advantages Does Waterjet Cutting Offer? — Unlike laser cutting, waterjet cutting doesn’t utilise heat, so the chances of warping, damaging or burning material such as glass, metal and plastic is greatly reduced. Another advantage is that waterjet cutting doesn’t create toxic gases when it cuts into plastic, because no heat is used. Waterjet cutting is also faster than mechanical cutting, because there is no need to change tools. In addition, the lack of cutting tools means that breakdowns are less frequent with waterjet cutters than with traditional modes of cutting. In addition, you don’t lose any precision when you are cutting thin or softer pieces of material, because waterjet cutting can be customised to cut without the use of abrasives, which prevents thin material from being damaged. Non-abrasive cutting is best utilised on material such as soft plastic, foam and rubber. Abrasive cutting is ideal when cutting stone, granite, glass, galvanised steel, brass, copper, titanium and aluminum. What Abrasives Are Used In a Waterjet Cutting Machine? — The most common type of abrasive used in a waterjet cutter is a gemstone known as garnet, which retains hardness even when broken into smaller pieces. Garnet also has edges that are very sharp when it breaks into pieces, ideal for the kind of texture required for cutting hard material such as...

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Dog Owners: Tips for Turning Your Shed into a Comfortable Dog House

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If you have an old shed in your yard, that can be the perfect place for your dog to live. It’s easy to modify an old or new shed into a dog house. Before you start your project, however, here are some of the tips you should consider: 1. Let in some light Dogs need natural light. Like humans, dogs respond to natural light in that it helps regulate their sleep patterns and their moods. If possible, put a window in your shed so you dog can have natural light. 2. Connect the shed to the outside Ideally, your dog’s shed should have access to the outside. The shed can lead to a fenced-in backyard, or if you prefer to keep your dog a bit more contained than that, consider attaching your shed to a enclosed outdoor dog run. Alternatively, many people build screen porches for their dogs. These shed extensions keep your dog kenneled while letting them enjoy the great outdoors. 3. Add a doggy door Obviously so that your dog can access the outside, he needs to have a doorway. You can prop open the existing door of your shed, but this carries a few innate risks. Namely, if the door closes and your dog cannot get it open, he may be stuck in the shed. So that this doesn’t happen, consider building a small doggy door in your shed. 4. Keep the temps pleasant in your shed You don’t want your dog to get too hot in the shed in the summer, and if your dog is living in the shed all year long, you also don’t want him to get too cold in the winter. You can add mini-HVAC systems to your shed that cool and heat it. To power these systems, you simply need to run an extension cord to your home or invest in a special battery. Alternatively, if you live in a relatively temperate climate, you may be able to mitigate temperature swings just by adding an extra layer of insulation to your shed. 5. Make the shed comfortable for your dog Temperatures aren’t the only thing you need to consider when making your shed comfortable for your dog. Ideally, your dog also needs a comfortable cushion to sleep on and a spot for his food and water bowls. Keep in mind that as the food bowls are not in your house in your regular line of vision you may overlook refilling them. For that reason, consider getting food and water bowls that refill automatically for your shed. For more tips on making this space livable for your dog, talk to garage and shed...

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Wrapping it Up in a Gift Box: 3 Ways to Add Your Own Personal Touch

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If you’re not the best at wrapping gifts, gift boxes are heaven’s gift to you. Simply put your gifts inside the gift boxes of a similar size and you’re done! If you don’t want to spend the money to design and make customised gift boxes, here are 3 ways that you can spruce up the design of regular gift boxes that can be purchased in stores and add your own personal touch. Wrap Over the Gift Boxes with Wrapping Paper If you have an oddly shaped present, wrapping over the present can be difficult. You might end up with lumps all over the place. However, wrapping sturdy gift boxes is a completely different story. You can personalize gift boxes by wrapping them with wrapping paper of your choice. Consider gluing the wrapping paper overtop the boxes to completely conceal the original design. Decorate the Outside of the Boxes with Glitter and Stickers Although you can choose from gift boxes that have a plain exterior to ones that have cute designs on them, it is never too much to add a personal touch with glitter and stickers. You can find both of these materials at your local dollar store for cheap. Simply stick the stickers in place. If you find glitter pens, you can easily draw the patterns and designs onto the boxes. If not, purchase loose glitter. Place the gift boxes on newspaper and draw designs onto the box using liquid glue. Sprinkle the loose glitter overtop while the glue is still wet, and allow the design to dry. Shake off the excess sprinkles onto the newspaper and discard the newspaper once you are done. Work on one side at of the gift boxes a time to prevent making a mess. Drape an Elegant Satin Sash on Top If you want to add a splash of elegance to the gift boxes, simply purchase a satin sash that is long enough to be wrapped around the box two or three times. Wrap the satin sash around the box once, and tie the remaining sash into a bow for a more elegant and sophisticated look. The sash will also hold the lids and the boxes in place. There are many additional ways that you can personalize gift boxes. There are many templates available online, and you can even make your own if you have sturdy cardstock, premium paper or cardboard boxes lying around at home. For more tips or assistance, consult companies like Box Biz Pty...

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